October 1, 2022

6 Image Editing Tools to Improve Your Online Store’s Product Images

Online retail websites rely on images to provide visual information about the product to potential buyers. They also use images in the form of banners and headings to advertise certain products, schemes or offers. Apart from this, there are other important places in the website where images are necessary, like thumbnails and quick view images. Since the customer does not have the power to actually touch and feel the product they are considering, the image replaces this experience.

Most online retail websites offer the ‘hover-to-zoom’ option for the images of product listings, whereby the customer can do a detailed inspection of the image of the product by hovering their mouse pointer over it. Therefore, as a general best practice, it is important to upload at least three separate views of your product in high definition so that customer can have the satisfaction of making sure they know what they are buying. We previously wrote about things you can do to get good quality product images here.

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