Founded in 2011, as a privately held company, U-LINK Outsourcing Pvt ltd. is amongst India’s fastest growing company in providing IT & e-commerce Solution. Our pursuit of perfection and passion for Online Industry are the driving forces behind our innovation. At U-LINK, we pay attention to every detail as we strive for the highest levels of quality. It is our goal to meet the emerging IT market with our tools and manpower.

Our missions are to provide the IT industry with non-proprietary services and quality tools, to enhance the standardization and performance of Clients, and to help our clients speed up the time to market their products. All of our Services are created with one objective in mind: to help promote businesses with comprehensive and intuitive tools. We want to be the company that provides industry-wide services and tools for the market and a universal platform with which the players in the industry can communicate with ease.

We continually design new test tools and add new features and functions to our current services as the industry and specifications evolves. We believe our flagship services and hard work, is the foundation for any company to succeed in the online industry.