About the Owner/s

Mr. Dhiraj Kumar Gupta is the founder and active director of the company. He has started the company with handful of experience into consultancy and business advisory services. With a dynamic personalities he is able to cope up with different challenges that has occurred in the past, never let it down and is ready for future vulnerabilities.

About us

U-Link It

U-link is among India’s fastest-growing companies in providing IT, e-commerce and procurement solutions. Our pursuit of perfection and passion for the Industry are the driving forces behind our innovation. At U-link, we pay attention to every detail as we strive for the highest levels of quality. It is our goal to meet the emerging market with our tools and manpower.

We continually design new test tools and add new features and functions to our current services as the industry and specifications evolve. We believe our flagship services and hard work, are the foundation for any company to succeed in the online industry. U-link has been partnered with Amazon as its channel partner for its business development into pan India. It is responsible for the seller education program.

Our missions are to provide the industry with non-proprietary services and quality tools, to enhance the standardization and performance of Clients, and to help our clients speed up the time to market their products. All of our Services are created with one objective in mind: to help promote businesses with comprehensive and intuitive tools. We want to be the company that provides industry-wide services and tools for the market and a universal platform with which the players in the industry can communicate with ease.

U-link Outsourcing is currently engaged in IT services, acting as an organisation that facilitates the development of global business. U-link has made a name for itself as a International Business Aggregator. The USA, the UK, the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates, and U-link are just a few of the countries that U-link works with internationally.

What we do

U-link offers global business development. They assist in the growth of a growing business. All types of events are organized by U-link like IT / Data Security / AWS.

  • IT Development Work
  • World Wide Support for Business
  • Data Security
  • Data Collection [ field & online]
  • Marketing & Research
  • Procurement for International Market

Our Mission

Our Mission Is To provide our clients with best in class services under a single roof with the help of regular updation of our services.

Our Vision

Our Vision Is To Excel As The Top Global Procurement & Trading Connectivity Business/Group .

Our Experience

We have over 15 years of expertise with several accomplished milestones and our Business Vision 2025 is set to change the course we do business across the globe. Our experience results in every project enjoying our valuable connections and varied network.

Quality Services

U-link has a clear vision & the ability to implement projects with precision and promptness, ensuring on-time delivery every time. Strong Leadership with an equally abled team offering expertise in E-Commerce, Supply Chain related Imports & Exports. We bring our keen business acumen & field cognizance into our projects. Import Export formalities are handled with impeccable efficiency.

Company History

U-link is a private limited company incorporated under Companies act 1956. Founded in 2011 with an intention to outsource business processes, it has ventured with companies for their Sales management processes. Additionally it has associated with IT companies for project like AMCs.


Currently we are into below mentioned services for marketplaces as well as for direct marketing. We have More than 25 Lakh Seller’s in different -different Categories in India and China ( Fashion, GM, Home Decor, Home Appliances, Beauty, Shoes, Kitchen, electrical, Auto Parts, Electronics, Etc.). We also customize the data as per our client’s requirements.

  • Seller Affiliates(Seller Onboarding)
  • Seller Services ( Management of Business)
  • Global Sales ( Middle East , UAE, USA & UK , India)
  • Logistics