A proven (successful) way to make money is to write product reviews. If you’re talking about photography, you can review all the products that are related to photography in individual posts and then link to them on Amazon.

A common thing you might hear is that search engine traffic is the best traffic you can get and that holds true when it comes to selling on Amazon.

An interested buyer will (typically) look for reviews before buying so once he lands on your page there is a good probability that the buyer will buy.

If he’s online looking for reviews for a specific kind of model or product, chances are he/she is close to buying and your review (if good enough) will be enough to convince him.

Let’s take some examples, shall we?

Let’s say my blog is about photography and I want to promote this DSLR camera I found on Amazon:

The first step to do is to write a detailed review of the product in a blog post and publish it. A good title that comes to mind is:

“My Review Of The Canon EOS Rebel. Is It Worth The Price?”

If done right, this piece of content will likely rank well in the search engines and anytime somebody is interested in buying this camera, they would find your review, read it and if he/she decides to buy it, that’s a sale for you.

This Canon DSLR camera is $400.00, your commission on this will be around $16 – $32 (depends on sales volume).

That’s a pretty good income and if you sell one of these a day, that’s nearly a part-time income already.

That’s from one post, and one camera. There’s 100s or even 1000s of cameras and camera accessories you can do reviews on, get ranked and earn commissions on.

You’re not seeing the income potential yet? Hold on…

Don’t forget that whatever else purchase the visitor may make while linked to your affiliate link, you get credit on.

Maybe while the reader is shopping for a camera, he opts for a new tripod or some SD cards to go with the new camera.

That’s where the magic of the Amazon sales funnel comes in… and you get paid for all of it!

I’m sure you’re starting to agree with me here on the business potential that is the Amazon Associates Program right?