1. Account Management:

Your firm will grow online with the assistance of our highly qualified employees who have a wealth of E-commerce industry experience. Global Business Developer and Global Commerce Services are offered by U-link. we are a reputable supplier of account management and product listing services. We help you run a profitable online store.

2. Imaging:

We offer comprehensive product image services to E-commerce platforms and online retailers. We offer a choice of customized options to our clients in accordance with their demands. We support our clients in developing a professional image that suits their demands.

3. IT Development Work:

The U-Link IT department is the place to go if you need to upgrade your security software or secure your business. Both critical thinking and efficient problem-solving are skills that we must have. With the help of our highly skilled IT staff, we set up a server in the department that stores all the associated data with the websites it hosts and makes it available to all users.

4. Data Security AWS:

We offer the highest level of protection over all business information and data. We make every effort to maintain your data and information security. We develop a solid security pattern that no one can hack.

5. Logistic Services:

Our customer base testifies to the importance of our experience in logistics support and services linked to import and export. U-link is pleased to have created Logistical Partners to provide quick delivery and related services to assist our business. We take all necessary steps to guarantee that your chilled delivery is delivered quickly and effectively while maintaining product quality.

6. Procurement Services:

U-link is a corporation that specializes in supply chain, trading, and procurement-related business solutions. Many of the greatest companies in the world have already signed up with suppliers of procurement services, but many more are still trying to figure out how to use this service.

7. Warehouse Management:

Our expertise in Import Export related services and Logistics Support is significant and shows in our customer base. U-link is proud of having established Logistical Partners to support our business with prompt delivery and related services.